President Basescu remarks the Romanian economys progress over the past few years

President Traian Basescu on September 24 appreciated the positive evolutions recorded by the Romanian society over the past few years, remarking, in the context, that the Romanian economy has registered growth for the 9th year in a row.
“Over 2000-2007 the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) went up an average 5.6%. The private consumption and the investment were the main pillars of the economic growth,” Basescu said in a speech delivered before the joint sitting of Parliament, adding that the private sector accounts for over 70% of the GDP.
The head of state highlighted that the inflation is “under two figures” and the economic structure is starting to give signs of modernization. An example in this respect is, according to Basescu, the field of services, which contributes 15% to the GDP.
The President also said that the fields with important foreign capital inflows have the best results, which generates “an infusion of new  technologies.”
According to Basescu, Romania’s status as EU member has drawn foreign investment and represents a guarantee for investors.
“I want to thank the governments for all these, for having created a proper business environment, and to the business community for the direct results obtained,” the head of state said.

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