Automobile Dacia celebrates its 40th anniversary

Automobile Dacia plant celebrated on September 24 its 40th anniversary, with officials of the company having granted diplomas of merit during the ceremony to all those who participated to that very first moment when the Romanian car industry was born.
The general manager of Automobile Dacia Francois Fourmont handed over the diplomas to former employees of the company and also to the employees that are still working at the plant.
“This is a special occasion, as we are now able to honour all those who devoted their entire professional career to the Dacia brand. They are those who made possible the celebration of the 40th year since the setting up of the plant,” Fourmont said.
The general manager of Automobile Dacia also recalled the most important moments in the evolution of the Romanian car plant, as well as the evolution of the brand after the taking over by the Renault Group.

“If we look behind, we will see that since 1968 there were made 2,030 cars, that is the same number of units we are making today at the plant during a day and a half,” he said.
 In the end of the event, the guests were able to compare the first and the last model of car made in Romania, that were Dacia 110 and Dacia Sandero.
Since the setting up until the present, Dacia made more than 3.2 million cars. This was a significant growth in production capacity recorded after the taking over by Renault in 2000.
Investments carried by the Group at the plant over 2000-2007 stand at 1 billion euros, with  the turnover last year having reached 2 billion euros.
According to the general manager of the company Francois Fourmont total investments will reach 2 billion euros by 2010, with the number of employees at the plant to reach 20,000.
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