Deutsche Bahn purchases Romtrans

Shareholders of Romtrans, one of the top players on the Romanian transport and delivery market, on September 23 decided to sell a minimum 95% of the company’s stake to Shenker AG, an Austrian company part of DB Logistic, the Transport and Logistics division of Deutsche Bahn. The estimated value of the transaction stands at 80 million euro.
At the end of 2007, Deutsche Bahn logistics director Norbert Bensel said that the German group planned to expand to Romania and Poland, with investments of 100 million euro in each country.
According to the paper, Romtrans acquisition was made against a drop in Deutsche Bahn’s growing potential in Germany, which made it focus on countries crossing a quick growing period.

Romtrans, one of the main players on the Romanian market, decided last year to attract a foreign investor to ensure business growth in the future.
Romtrans is a transport and delivery company controlled by the employees’ association. The holding owns nine branches in Bucharest and outside the capital city, posted 80-million-euro turnover in 2006 and has over 1,300 employees.
On the other hand, Deutsche Bahn has been present in Romania through Logistic Services Danubius company of Timisoara (west) set up in 2000, whose core object is the railway transport of goods.

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