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Exhibition on air defence, security and industry opens doors

State Secretary at the Romanian Defence Ministry Corneliu Dobritoiu, U.S. ambassador Nicholas  aubman and presidential advisor Constantin Degeratu cut the ribbon on September 24 opening the 2nd edition of the international exhibition and conference on air defence, security and  Industry dubbed Black Sea Defence & Aerospace (BSDA) 2008.
“This event contributes to boosting the efficiency of the industrial cooperation actions. The changes over the last years in the international security climate underscore the need that the NATO and EU states adopt a common way of thinking and action.
The BSDA 2008 is aimed at pinpointing the opportunities and solutions meant to improve the cooperation on production and  on business, by contributing to the international promotion of the Romanian defence industry and facilitating its opening towards the international market by cooperation with renowned companies and respected producers”, Dobritoiu said.

The U.S. ambassador, in turn, said the exhibition offers the possibility for the achievement of a broad exchange of ideas and technologies. “To my knowledge, there is no other event like BSDA.
 We could also say that there is no better time or place to be having this kind of event. Since thefirst BSDA, Romania and the Black Sea Region are playing even larger parts on the world stage.
The events of the last few months have kept the spotlight on Romania, and emphasized the country’s importance to the security, development, and prosperity of the region,” Taubman said.
“This point was made clearly when Romania hosted the NATO Summit, and has been repeated in the months since then. Romania is a valued and respected member of NATO, and her troops -alongside U.S. and coalition forces in Afghanistan and Iraq – have been commended for their courage and effectiveness,” he said, adding he was sure the U.S. technologies can increase Romania’s defence efficiency. Presidential advisor Degeratu said the exhibition is going to set a tradition in this area, since it meets the essential need of security in this very important geopolitical area.
“Russia’s invasion of Georgia highlighted how fragile peace in this area is. The exhibition targets not only the defence technologies, but it refers the national and international security on the whole”, Degeratu stressed.
After the official opening, 2 U.S. F-16 fighter jets demonstrated their spectacular skills in flight.
The Black Sea Defence & Aerospace displays last-generation equipment and technology created by the best international producers of aerospace and defence equipment.

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