Foreigners perform July 2008 stock sales worth 7 million euros

The balance of net investments of foreigners in the Bucharest Stock Exchange and Rasdaq was negative this July, as foreign traders pulled out some 7 million euros (RON 25.6 million), after their June sales exceeded by almost 5.2 million euros (more than RON 19 million) their acquisitions, daily Ziarul financiar reports on September 22.
Separate BVB statistics indicate that foreigners in July bought by RON 11.1 (3.1 million euros) more on the BVB than they sold, a balance that continued into August, which means the foreign stock investors’ sales were more focused on Rasadq.
Non-residents bought BVB and Rasdaq securities worth RON 177.15 million (50.7 million euros) in June, while their sales stood at RON 196.3 million (56.1 million euros).

The balance of net investments performed by foreign investors on the Bucharest Stock Exchange and Rasdaq continued to be negative at the end of the first seven months of 2008, with the values of their sales exceeding by RON 53.5 million (15.3 million euros) their acquisitions, according to data with the National Securities Commission (CNVM).
January through July, stock sales made by foreign investors stood at RON 1.84 billion (514 million euros), with acquisitions having reached RON 1.79 billion (485.7 million euros).
Stock acquisitions by non-residents in July was worth RON 319.66 (91.2 million euros), down almost 63% year on year, while sales stood at RON 345.3 million (98.5 million euros), down 46% year on year.
Virgin Island investors were the most active stock buyers this July, with share acquisitions of RON 91.75 million (26.2 million euros). They were followed by Cypriot investors, with acquisitions of almost RON 56 million (16 million euros), Luxemburgian, with acquisitions of RON 42.5 million (12 million euros), and UK investors, with acquisitions worth RON 41.7 million (11.7 million euros).
Non-residents registered in the Cayman Islands acquired shares with RON 17.4 million (4.9 million euros), while Austrian and American investors invested some RON 8.2 million (2.3 million euros).
The first place among July’s stock sellers was taken by UK investors, who sold stocks worth RON 56.2 million (16.05 million euros). Following them were German and Lichtensteinian investors, with sales of RON 55.6 and 53.6 million, respectively.
The only trade in bonds this July was the acquisition by Luxemburgian investors of bonds worth RON 3.9 million (1.1 million euros).
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