INS: About 50 pc of population has access to water supply network in 2007

As many as 10.61 million people, representing 49.2% of Romania’s population had access to the public water supply in 2007, National Statistics Institute (INS) data say.
Bucharest Ilfov Development Region ranks first, with round 79% of the population having access to water supply, followed by South-Eastern Region with about 56.6% and the Central Region by 56% of the population.
North Region comes last by only 35% of the population having access to such services, while South West Oltenia Region scores 38.4%.
Water capture, treatment and distribution plants and units of the local public water supply as well as economic units licensed to capture water flows higher than 100 l/s totalled 5.93 billion cu.m, in 2007.
As much as 5.42 billion cubic meters of it was captured from surface sources and 507.97 million from underground ones.
It was supplied 1.82 billion cubic meters of the total captured water while the water capturing economic units used 3.65 billion cu.m, and water transport scored losses amounting to 454.39 million cu.m.

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