IRS wants to expand to Bulgaria, Serbia, Russia and Kazakhstan

International Railway Systems – IRS, one of the largest operators on the European market of transportation of commodities by railway intends to obtain the license to operate on the Serbian and Macedonian markets and to expand also to the Russian and the Kazakhstan markets, the groups’ Chairman Cristian Burci told Agerpres on September 24.
“We want in the future to expand to the close markets, such as Serbia and Macedonia, as operators, following then to obtain the transportation licenses for Bulgaria, where we can sell the wagons we make, and we are also interested in the Russian and Kazakhstan markets, where the demand for such wagons will stay quite significant in the next ten years,” Cristian Burci told, on the occasion of InnoTrans 2008 fair in Berlin.

The main shareholder of the IRS, which holds in Romania the leader on the transportation of commodities by railway market Servtrans, and which also makes wagons for transportation of commodities by railway at the Meva, Astra Arad and Romvag Caracal plants in Romania, said that the company he holds intends to invest in the distribution of wagons in Bulgaria, Russia and Kazakhstan, and also in the distribution on such markets as China, which might become a supplier of spare parts too.
He also added that the IRS would keep the Romanian commodities operator Servtrans in its portfolio, with the Romanian company to hit 60 million euros in turnover this year and 15 million euros in operational profit.
IRS is registered in Luxembourg and holds in its portfolio the wagon maker from the United States Trinity Industries, Thrall Vagonka Studenka from the Czech Republic and also owns stocks in three companies in Serbia: MIN Vagonka, MIN Lokomotiva and Specijalna Vozila.
The company estimates approx. 435 million euros in the 2008 turnover, with more than 5,000 wagons made.
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