Press review (Sept 30)

Romania's national dailies of Tuesday focus mainly on the local effects of the world financial crisis, the increase in the mobile communications users, the latest developments in the privatisation of Aviaone Craiova aircraft maker, predictions over the future developments in the real estate market.
Evenimentul zilei remarks that the political parties have set well-defined electoral targets for the November general election, saying that the parties have unveiled their governing programmes that overflows with generous promises. The first concern of the parties was to stick to their specific voters but then also to aim at social categories with a significant electoral weight, such as pensioners, who usually show up massively to vote, and priests, who may influence the believers' opinions.
The paper quotes political analyst Cristian Parvulescu as saying the generous offers of the major political parties – the opposition Democratic Liberal Party (PD-L), Social Democratic Party (PSD) and the ruling National Liberal Party (OPNL) – is a double-edged sword.
First of all, he says, the parties are proving to be irresponsible by launching generous offers. 'There is an ongoing crisis that is nearing in on Romania, and instead of preparing to face the likely effects of Romania, the local politicians are outbidding each other, as if Romania were on the Moon, not on Earth,' says Parvulescu.
Secondly, says the analysts, in a competition exclusively based on populism the winners might be others than incumbent Prime Minister Calin Popescu-Tariceanu or the national leader of the opposition PSD, but someone more populist than them.
Ziarul financiar quotes Romania's National Communications Authority (ANC) as saying Romania has this year recorded the highest increase in the mobile telephony penetration rate in Europe, with a 5.5 million more users of mobile communications.
The paper also remarks that the local currency, the leu (RON), has been caught up in the maelstrom of the world financial crisis and tension on the Romanian market is mounting. It says that on Monday, the leu on Monday took a full blow from the new earthquake generated on the world markets by the nationalisation of Belgium's Fortis group and the UK creditor Bradford&Bingley and the crisis having seized Germany's second largest mortgage creditor Hypo Real Estate.

Evenimentuil zilei remarks that the leu an dthe Romanian bourse are continue their nose diving , and Bursa says for the time being the eexa=ternal situiation has more influence on the leu than local events.
Evenimentul ziliei notes that the situation is under control, quoting officials of the National Bank of Romania (BNR) as saying the Romanian Government's vaults can cover bankruptcies.
According to the paper, BNR and the Government have the possibility of saving from bankruptcies Romanian banks in case they are hit by the world financial crisis.
The paper also quotes BNR councilor to BNR Governor Mugur Isarescu, Adrian Vasilescu, as saying there is a liquidity surplus on the Romanian banking market, and the Romanian inter-bank market if functioning very well, as troubled banks can find funds at their sisters with a liquidity surplus. Should a need for liquidity arise, Vasilescu says, BNR could inject it into the market.
Cotidianul notes that the number of housing units to be completed throughout the year will be smaller than initially anticipated, because in the case of some real estate developments there are delays. As many as 2,000 flats initially scheduled for completion in 2008 will be delayed.
The papers report that the Romanian State Assets Realisation Authority (AVAS) will urgently resume the privatization of the Avioane Craiova aircraft manufacturer, as sales negotiations with Czech Aero Vodochody have fauled.
According to AVAS, the investor has imposed conditions that are in breach with any rules governing a democracy and a free trade economy that were unacceptable. The Czech company is said to have requested that between the signing date and the ownership transfer the Romanian Government should guarantee that Avioane Craiova will not go bankrupt.
Evenimentul zilei notes that Aero Vodochody also imposed the carrying out of a restructuring project featuring en masse redundancies, according to AVAS. Moreover, the Czechs would have requested damages for what they might found in the company, of up to 50 percent of the bidden price.
Jurnalul national notes that Avioane Craiova rem,aisn in the Romanian Governemnt's hands, and Adevrul carries a statement by chairman of the Avioane Craiova Free Trade Unions Victor Peta, whi aergues that the postponement of the privatistaion might be pasrt of a plan of the Czechs to dismantle competition (the Czechs are manufacturing the L159 aircraft and Romanians the Soin 99 training, hunting and combat aircraft).
The papers also focus on a much awaited retrospective of Romanian cinema in Israel. The event will take place November 10 -December 10 and it will be organised by the Romanian Culture Institute of Tel-Aviv and Israeli film libraries, with support from Romania's National Cinema-making Centre. There will be 13 loong features and 9 short films of all times running in Jerusalem, Tel-Aviv and Haifa.
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