Romaero business triples in 2008

Romaero turnover has tripled in 2008 compared with the year 2005, general manager of the company Adrian Zainescu told a press conference on September 23.
He also added that the company’s turnover increased “quite significantly” against last year’s result too and denied such information in the media saying that Romaero “operates the same as a middleman.”

“Our company is nothing like a middleman, as it does not just buy and sell to others. We are still producing, we do repair works and maintenance works too,” Zainescu said.
He also said that among the main works of the company are structures for the Boeing and Airbus planes.
Romaero SA is running 51% on state capital. The company concluded the first half of the year with 38.959 million lei (more than 10 million euros) in turnover, which is a growth by 40% against the same interval in 2007.
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