Romania-Germany trade to total 18 bln euros this year

The bilateral trade between Romania and Germany will total 18 billion euros in 2008, up by 25% on last year, minister counsellor at the Romanian Embassy to Germany Vladimir Ciobanasu told on September 26.
“The commercial exchanges will grow up to 18 billion euros, as an increase in the value of Romanian shipments to Germany was noticed in the first six months, and I say ‘shipments’ since we cannot speak of exports after (Romania’s EU) accession”, Ciobanasu stressed.
He said Romania ranks third by exports to Germany in the six months, after the Netherlands and Poland, with shipments totalling some 2.3 billion euros.
Romania currently ships to Germany machinery, fixtures and equipment, furniture, footwear, cement and construction materials.
“The trade balance is in favour of Germany, but this country looks set to become, as of this year, the top most important market for the general Romanian export”, the Romanian diplomat said.

Romanian-German bilateral trade at end-2007 reached 13.7 billion euros, marking a 27.1% rise on 2006.
Trade with Germany accounted for 17.1% of the Romanian foreign trade. The volume of Romanian export attained 5 billion euros, by 22.7% more than in 2006, with Germany ranking second after Italy, with the difference between these top-two Romanian export partners amounting to 30 million euros.
In 2007, Germany was the top exporter to the Romanian market with 8.7 billion euros, i.e. a rise of 29.7% from 2006.
According to German statistic figures in the first quarter of this year, the bilateral commercial exchanges saw an increase by 22.7% to 3.196 billion euros. Romanian exports were worth 1.133 billion euros, by 15.7% higher than in Q1 of 2007, while imports totaled 2.06 billion euros, marking a 27% rise.
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