Romanian residential market still has 40% profit

In Romania, profit in real estate can no longer reach 40%, but an efficiency rate of 40% is enough for serious real estate business, said in a study Andrei Apetrei, general manager of the company Quantum Management and Consulting.
After a few months when the Romanian residential market was dominated by uncertainties, with sudden changes in the mood of buyers and in the pace of sale and purchase, players look calmer now, the uncertainty in the real estate is smaller and smaller. According to a QMC study, the effects of the global financial crisis have been felt in Romania, but they have made us understand that such fluctuations are normal and are aimed at maturing the market.
Real estate transactions went down, of late, at an almost worrying pace. One of the reasons is the fact that investors no longer buy tens of dwellings in a residential complex in order to sell them in their turn, because profit no longer is so high.
“Speculation with land or the re-selling of apartments in a real estate project will bring a maximum profit of 40%, in the period to come, “ Apetrei also said.
“The real estate market does not stagnate, it keeps moving, but investors are much more cautious. But there are signals that the market recovers, starting in September, and multinationals started looking for land, so the market will settle,” said Apetrei.
Although the QCM founders are Romanians, the company was set up in Britain, with the business in Romania being carried out when the firm had already been strong and experienced.
Any market is in continuous movement, the demand and the offer never remain unchanged.
There can be no real fall in the market, but a slow down and a relaunch. Currently, the real estate market in Romania is mature, it does not show the symptoms of a fall, reads the study.

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