Primary energy resources, up 2.4% in 2008

The volume of primary energy resources will reach, in 2008, as many as 42,237 million tones of oil equivalent (toe), up 2.4% from last year, according to a survey conducted by the National Prognosis Commission.
The coal resources are put at 13.138 million toe, those of crude oil at 12.909 million toe, and those of natural gas at 13.729 million toe. The resources of electricity could total 4.827 million toe, while the oil products from import can reach at 1.304 million toe.
For the fourth quarter this year, the companies inquired forecasted a 2.7% rise in the volume of primary energy resources, compared with the same period in 2007, to 11.31 million toe.
In the first nine months this year, the primary energy resources stood at 30.927 million toe, up 2% from Jan-Sept 2007, with the highest rise registered for hydro-electric energy, nuclear energy and electricity from import (49.3%).
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