Some 1,300 employees in defence industry, in 2009

The average number of personnel in 2009 employed by the economic operators engaged in the defence industry could be of 1,300, according to a Decision draft of the Authority for State Assets Realization.
An average of 1,200 employees is provided for Romarm and for 100 for Avioane Craiova, company to be re-launched for privatization at the end of January.
Romarm includes 15 plants (Arsenal Resita, Automecanica Moreni, Metrom, Electromecanica Ploiesti, UM Sadu, Cugir Arms Plant, UM Cugir, UPS Dragomiresti, UM Mija, Carfil, UM Plopeni, Pirochim Victoria, UPS Fagaras, UM Tohan and UM Bucharesti) and an Institute of Research and Development.

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