Diaconescu talks with his Ukrainian couneterpart about gas

Minister of Foreign Affairs Cristian Diaconescu on Saturday (Jan 3) had a telephone conversation with his Ukrainian counterpart Volodymyr Ogryzko, during which he emphasized the necessity that Romania's supply with gas imported from Russia should not be affected by the problem existing between Kiev and Moscow, informed the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE).
Minister Ogryzko assured Cristian Diaconescu that Romania would have to bear no consequences following this situation. He said he wanted Romania's support for a European mission to come to Kiev in order to evaluate the problem of gas supply.The two high officials agreed to have a meeting in January."It is quite normal for the pledges existing as regards the supply of gas should be fulfilled. Romania must not suffer at all because of the misunderstanding between Ukraine and Russia," said Minister Diaconescu after the telephone conversation, according to the release issued by MAE.
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