Israel ambassador to Romania: We don’t fight against Palestinian people, we fight against Hamas

Israel doesn't fight against the Palestinian people, it fights against Hamas, Israeli ambassador to Romania Oren David said on Sunday (Jan 4), after a meeting with the Romanian Foreign Ministry senior officials."We don't fight against the Palestinian people, we exclusively fight against Hamas", David stressed in a statement to reporters.
He explained Israel is not exercising its full military capacity, as it thinks of the civilians living in Gaza, first and foremost. He added the Israeli action contrasts with the manner Hamas is acting, since its members, in time, have launched hundreds of rockets to southern Israel, mainly targeting civilians.
The Israeli ambassador said the number of the civilians who were killed in the Israeli operations launched a week ago accounts for 12 percent of the total number of casualties. He added the civilians' death is regrettable, but said the Israeli troops focus their activity only on the areas posing a terrorist threat.
After such actions started, Israel stepped up its humanitarian aid to Gaza, chiefly focusing on the citizens who need medical help, he stressed.
Oren David said Hamas had a rather tough response in front of the Israeli operation, but the organisation's military infrastructure has been destroyed significantly. He added Hamas leaders hide in bunkers, but their wish to do harm has by no means diminished.
The ambassador said it has become clear to Israel that the only way to obtain peace is to get to the second part of the operation, namely the ground intervention.
He pointed out the Israeli troops seek to take control of those areas in Gaza Strip where Hamas launches its attacks on the Israel-based civilians and to eliminate the places where the organisation concentrates its armed force.
David underscored that Israel had not evacuated Gaza in 2007 in order to return to this area and added the purpose of this ground operation is to secure peace, calm and safety to the civil population and the southern Israel communities, that were attacked "with no apparent reason, without any provocation". Another purpose is to bring security and peace to the Gaza-based civilians, he added.
Oren David said Israel had begun the operation a week ago as a last resort, after having used up all the other possibilities in an "attempt to end this constant unjustified attack" of Hamas.
"We think of the life of those in Gaza Strip, who live in a situation that can be borne no longer. The state of Israel, by starting this operation, tries to express its basic rights of defending its citizens, first and foremost. It is also our right under the international community rights and article 51 of the United Nations Charter", the Israeli ambassador underscored.
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  1. Catalina spune

    Bullshit !!!!!!!!!!!!! Omoara oameni nevinovati …..pana cand ????????????????????? O sa aibe D’zeu grija de fiecare in parte.Sa va vedem atunci domnilor …….America conduce lumea si asta o stim cu totii …sunteti numai niste marionete ale americanilor !!!!!!!!!!! Sa va dea D’zeu dupa suflet !!!!!!!!!!!!

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