Premier Emil Boc: We have situation under control

Romanian Government has the situation under control, despite the Russian authorities cut off natural gas supply to the country, with first solutions to be reducing consumption at the CETs (Heat Power Plants) and also switching to alternative fuels in certain cases, Romanian Prime Minister Emil Boc said on Tuesday (Jan 6).
He also announced at the Victoria Palace (the headquarter of the Romanian Government) the gas deficit of 4.7 million cubic metres per day would be supplied for now from the domestic production, from such quantities of natural gas currently existing in the storage facilities in the country and also by cutting off consumption at the CETs and switching on alternative fuels.
"Although the situation is not one of the most favourable for Romania, I can assure you we have the situation under control and no domestic consumer will be affected, no citizen… will suffer because of the situation existing between Russia and Ukraine.
We will ensure further the normal functioning of the system for the domestic and industrial consumers both," the head of the Executive in Bucharest said.
Nevertheless, Boc also added there exist factors that might influence conditions for gas supply:
"We have two constraints: one related, on a medium-term, to the evolution of the situation between Russia and Ukraine and the other related to variables that might appear depending on the temperatures outside.
Thus, if the temperatures will drop below 15 degrees Celsius, there might appear some problems related to the gas pressure, but with the technical teams being prepared to solve such problems too and to manage any challenge that might appear," the Romanian PM said.
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