Economy Minister summons Commission for natural gas supply safety

Minister of Economy Adriean Videanu summoned on Wednesday (Jan 7) for 10:00 a.m., the Coordination commission for natural gas supply safety in order to take the measures for securing the natural gas supply in the context of the complete halt of deliveries from Russia, according to the Romanian Ministry of Economy (ME).
At about 8:50 a.m., on Wednesday, Gazprom Export representative in Romania informed that, starting with that time, the gas supply through Mediesul Aurit (north) point is completely halted.

The National Gas Dispatch Center will implement the needed measures, so that the gas quantity (2.5 million cubic meters per day, some 100,000 cubic meters per hour), passing through this point, will be covered first of all by the reductions applied to the big consumers, as established by the commission, as well as through added gas quantities to be delivered by Romgaz and Petrom.
From information transmitted by the National Gas Dispatch Center, on January 7 in the morning, at 7:30 a.m., the National Gas Transportation System has functioned under safety conditions.
In its January 6 meeting, the Coordination commission for natural gas supply safety together with the Winter Command Center have identified solutions for an added cut off in heating stations, CETs, natural gas consumption, as well as of some industrial consumers not hindered by temporary interruptions, so that the gas supply is maintained even in the case of a complete import gas flow shutdown by the Russian Federation.
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