Romgaz: Gas reserves to last for at least 100 days

Romania may resort to the Romgaz natural gas stocks in order to assure the gas supply to the population and the economic agents for about 100 days under the current circumstances, Francics Toth, Romgaz general manager told on Wednesday (Jan 7).
"The calculation is extremely simple and does not leave room to any speculations. If we consider the 2-billion cubic meters stocks at a consumption rate of 20 million cubic meters it results the reserves should be enough for 100 days under the current circumstances", Francics Toth said.
The official added the period over which the gas can be supplied is larger, considering a temperature decrease of three degrees reduces consumption by some 10%.
"Temperature values cannot remain the same until March, so the period for which we can assure the gas supply is larger", Toth underscored.
All Russian gas supplies were cut, Economy minister Adriean Videanu announced on Wednesday.
"Russia has cut off all gas supplies. It also halted supplies through Mediesul Ariu (north) point after, yesterday, it had cut off supplies through Isaccea 2 (east) point", Videanu said.
Romania imports natural gas from Russia through two points, Isaccea 2 and Mediesul Auriu. Out of the total gas flow shipped to Romania, some 70-75% was supplied through the Isaccea 2 gas import station and the rest through the Mediesul Auriu station.
Prior to this gas row, Romania imported from Russia nearly 10 million cubic meters of natural gas a day.
According to the Romanian authorities, the daily total natural gas consumption in Romania amounts to 61.5 million cubic meters, with the population consuming maximum 34 million cubic meters.
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