Four Romanian families, included in evacuation operation from Gaza Strip

A group of Romanian citizens (four families) from Gaza Strip arrived on Thursday morning at the border checkpoint in Erez, having been transported by the International Red Cross Committee, within a wider operation of evacuating foreign citizens from this area, started in the morning of 8 January 2009, informs the Romanian Foreign Ministry (MAE) in a release.
The evacuation was organized with the support of the International Red Cross Committee and has received the go-ahead from Israeli authorities.
The consular personnel of Romania's Embassy is at the border checkpoint to ensure the release of travel documents for the Romanian citizens so that they can exit Gaza Strip and transit Israel to Jordan.

After the release of the travel documents by the consular personnel in Erez, the respective people will be led to the border with Jordan, under the care of Romania's Embassy in Tel Aviv. From here, they will be taken over by Romania's Embassy in Amman and transported to the airport, from where they will fly to Romania or to another destination.
Until 10:00 am on Thursday, 69 Romanian citizens (23 adults and 46 minors) and 12 Palestinian ones voiced the wish to be aided by the Romanian Embassy in Tel Aviv to leave the conflict area.
MAE will communicate the exact number of Romanian citizens that are leaving the Gaza Strip within today's evacuation after the carrying out of the border formalities where the Romanian consular personnel is assisting them.
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