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Ministry of Economy: Pressure in natural gas pipeline network at normal values

Domestic natural gas production maintains at 33 million cubic metres of natural gas per day, with extraction at 26 million cubic metres per day, according to a release of the Ministry of Economy (ME).
The emergency command centre ensuring safety in the natural gas supply decided at the meeting on Thursday (Jan 8) domestic production and extraction of natural gas should be maintained at the level of the previous day. Currently, pressure in the natural gas pipeline network records normal values with national consumption being fully covered, said the command centre.
The thermal power stations plants, in the case of which there was decided switch to alternative fuels, function within normal parameters, managing to reduce consumption as scheduled.
The emergency command centre ensuring safety in the natural gas supply called a new meeting on Thursday where an analysis was carried of the situation of natural gas supply in the context created by the Russian Federation halting all flows.
The Economy Ministry's priority remains the national network to function within normal parameters, so that households and public utility units not to be affected during the cold season.
A new meeting of the command centre was scheduled to take place on Friday.
The centre met on Wednesday at the ME's headquarters when there was decided emergency mode, according to the Law 346, so that Transgaz to be able to manage safely the national network and to supply gas following priorities.
There were 2.18 billion cubic metres of natural gas in the national reserve when the situation appeared, with the daily production standing at 33 million cubic metres. Consumption reaches 59.9 million cubic metres per day.
With the emergency mode, Transgaz operator has free access to the stored quantities and the extraction facilities, their allotment upon owners being made according to specific rules, drawn up by the operator (Transgaz), by the operator of the underground storage and the owners of natural gas.
On Wednesday morning, the Minister of Economy Adriean Videanu announced gas flows from Russia had stopped, with the feeding at the Mediesul Aurit (northern Romania) having been cut, after Gazprom on Tuesday cut off supply at Isaccea 2 gas metering station (eastern Romania).
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