Ministry of Economy: Pressures in transport network of natural gas register natural values

The pressures in the transport network of natural gas report normal values and the national consumption of natural gas is entirely covered, according to the conclusions of the command centre for ensuring the safety in the supply of natural gas convened on Friday (Jan 9) at the headquarters of the Ministry of Economy, reads the ministry.
The internal production of natural gas is of 33.8 million cubic metres of natural gas a day and the extraction of natural gas from deposits is of 23.7 million cubic metres of natural gas a day, ensuring in this way the national consumption of 657.5 million of cubic metres of natural gas a day.

The heat power substations, which decided the switch to alternative fuel, run under normal parameters within the scheduled reductions of the natural gas consumption.
The negotiations contracts with Petrom for the supply of crude oil are under the final stage, the deliveries due to start next week. For the emergency mode, heat power substations encompassed in the economy ministry's portfolio, buy crude oil from Petrom.
The command centre examined the way the supply of natural gas is unfolding under the circumstances of the continuation of the emergency mode.
At the same time, also examined was the situation of the storages of alternative fuel in heat power substations and the stage of new acquisitions of fuel.

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