Putin: Russia willing to supply Romania natural gas directly, with no intermediaries

Russia has nothing against Romania's participation in the South Stream project and it is willing to supply gas to it directly, with no intermediaries, Russian Premier Vladimir Putin told a news conference given late on Thursday (Jan 8) at his residence of Novo-Ogaryovo outside Moscow, according to RIA Novosti agency.
We have nothing against Romania's taking part in South Stream. We agree to switching to direct relations (on gas supply) with the state companies, Putin said.

Russia will raise no obstacles to the achievement of the Nabucco pipeline project, the Russian premier also said; as for the alternate transport routes for the energy resources, the Russian Federation "is for", although it is not part of the participants in the Nabucco project, he stressed, adding Russia will not hinder the achievement of such project.
If there are resources and understandings, then it should be built, Putin told the news conference.
Romania currently imports natural gas from Russia exclusively, by means of several companies like Imex Oil, Conef and Wintershall.
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