Dacia resumes production Monday

Dacia carmaker will resume production on Monday (Jan 12) after 1-month interruption "caused by the steep decline in Romania's car market and also for reducing stockpiles", reads the official motivation. The plant will be re-opened on 12 January, and the production pace will be cut from 1,360 cars daily to 1,085. Dacia also halted production for 18 days, between 20 November and 7 December, 2008, after other four interruption days (30, 31 October and 13, 14 November). The latest day with no production was 11 December.
Dacia's union will hold a rally on Tuesday aimed at the preservation of jobs in the car-making industry, keeping of pollution tax and the protection of the national brand Dacia, reads a release of Dacia unionists.
Sales of Dacia vehicles in Romania showed a 17% decline in 2008, to 84,708 units from 102,062 units in 2007.
According to data released on Friday (Jan 9) by Renault, the French group sold 106,758 vehicles last year, in Romania, of which 84,708 Dacia and 22,050 Renault models.
Renault accounts for 34.5% on the Romanian auto market, Dacia brand with 27.3% and Renault brand – 7.2%.
Dacia sold 241,150 units worldwide in 2008, a growth by 11% on the previous year (217,211 units) and 16,444 utility vehicles, climbing by 23.4 compared with 2007 (13,324 units).
Sales of utility vehicles plunged by 58.4% in the last month of 2008, from 2,324 down to 967 units, with sales of Dacia cars having slumped by 10.3%, from 19,829 down to 17,787 units.
In 2008, Renault sold 424,168 both Dacia and Renault branded cars and Logan utility vehicles and 85,283 units from the Sandero model. Best-selling models were last year Logan (311,976 units), Logan MCV (101,471), Logan Van (6,207) and Logan Pick-up (4,514).
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