EC President: Romania has a crucial part to play in the region and entire Europe

Romania has a crucial part to play in the region and in the entire Europe, President of the European Commission (EC) Jose Manuel Durao Barroso told a press conference he jointly held on Monday (Jan 12) with Romania's President Traian Basescu and Premier Emil Boc.

Barroso underscored that ever since it joined the EU, Romania has been a highly active member of the community. "Expectations are very high and there is much work to do. The environment is increasingly stable and the stability brought along by a majority ruling coalition can speed up reform," said the head of the European executive.
Barroso remarked that Romania has been capable to prove that it can fulfill its European commitments, but the EU still is still waiting for the reform of the judiciary to yield concrete results.
In the light of the natural gas row between Russia and Ukraine, Barroso said that the EU should lead a common energy policy and reduce reliance on fossil fuels. "Moreover, we need to provide the energy interconnection of European Union states," advised Barroso, adding that alternative solutions, like the Nabucco project, should also be considered.

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