Automobile Dacia trade unionists’ meeting supported by employers too

The protest meeting the trade union of the Mioveni-based car maker Automobile Dacia (SAD) scheduled at the company's headquarters on Tuesday (Jan 13) to keep pollution tax and protect jobs in the car industry has also the support of the employers.
Thus, General Manager of Automobile Dacia Francois Fourmont said in an interview to the Tuesday edition of Societatea Argeseana daily he "fully approves" with the move of trade unionists.
"The objective of this protest meeting is to bring together again and make react all those involved and affected in the car industry. We are fully approving this meeting…, the more so as, on the Arges county level, the car industry secures jobs to more than a few tens of thousands of people. The protest is going to be followed by a round table where I was invited and I intend to go," Fourmont also said.
General manager of Automobile Dacia also added in the interview he expects the state to support domestic car industry too.
"The same as in the United States, France, Germany, UK, Spain and Russia where measures were already taken to protect car industry and suppliers, it is very important Romanian authorities to take into account this matter and see what measures could be taken to protect both producers and suppliers," Francois Fourmont said.
The trade union of the Mioveni-based car maker Automobile Dacia (SAD) organized on Jan. 13 a meeting in support of the pollution tax and the protection of jobs in the auto industry.
The trade union representatives also announced on Friday that there were invited to talks on Jan. 13 representatives of the central and local authorities with a view to finding solutions to "protect the national Dacia brand."
"We call on union members, the locals of Pitesti and Mioveni and neighbor localities to come to the meeting. We also invited at the company headquarters for Tuesday, 2:00 p.m., government members, the president of the Arges County Council, PSD and PD-L Arges County MPs, the mayors of Pitesti and Mioveni, to sit down together and seek solutions," read a SAD release.
"Having learned about plans to repeal the government Emergency Ordinance on the rise of the pollution tax, we have no other choice but call this meeting. During the electoral campaign, Arges County MPs promised that the tax will not be suspended and we hope that they keep their word now. Not only are the jobs of thousands of people in jeopardy, but these ramshackle second-hand cars brought from abroad are a major factor of pollution," said SAD vice-leader Ion Iordache.
Dacia halted production as early as Dec. 11 for one month – according to the official explanation – because of the "brutal slump of the Romanian car market and in order to prevent stocks building up." The Mioveni-sited plant reopens on Jan. 12, 2009, yet slowing down the production pace from 1,360 to 1,095 vehicles a day.
Dacia previously halted production on Oct. 30 and 31, then on Nov. 13 and 14, and for 18 days in a row between Nov. 20 and Dec.7.
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