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Economy Ministry: Adopted measures on securing natural gas supply to be further applied

The Coordination commission for natural gas supply safety further applies the established measures aimed at ensuring the natural gas supply under conditions of the continuation of the emergency situation, given that the natural gas imports are not re-established, according to a release of the Ministry of Economy (ME).
Gazprom-Export has notified officially, on Tuesday (Jan 13) morning, the Romanian side that the Russian natural gas deliveries on Ukraine's territory were re-started.
The Russian state gas company announced on Tuesday the re-start of natural gas supply to Europe, via Ukraine, after a six-day halt, the first Russian gas beneficiaries being the Republic of Moldova, Turkey and the Balkan states.
Russia began pumping gas through Sudja station (Kursk region), at 10.15 (Moscow's time), 9.15 a.m. (Bucharest time). The first debit was of 76.6 million cubic meters of gas.
Subsequently, Gazprom announced that Ukraine has blocked all the Russian's side actions directed to the re-establishment of the gas transit to Europe, a thing confirmed by Kiev authorities, by recognizing on Tuesday they shut down the entry of the pipeline in the direction of Europe due to "unacceptable transit conditions" imposed by Russian Gazprom Group.
Romania imports natural gas exclusively from Russia through several companies such as Imex Oil, Conef, Wintershall. Imports are pumped in through two stations, respectively Isaccea 2 (east) and Mediesul Aurit (north). Of the total debit of gas delivered to Romania approximately 70-75 percent entered through Isaccea 2 and the remainder through Mediesul Aurit.
Prior to this gas crisis, Romania imported from Russia approximately 10 million cubic meters of natural gas per day.
Natural gas supply from Russia was shutdown on Wednesday, January 7, when the the gas flow through Mediesul Aurit was halted a day later after Gazprom had stopped the gas supply through Isaccea 2.
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