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Minister Gabriel Oprea resigns

Minister of Administration and the Interior Gabriel Oprea said on Tuesday (Jan 13) he had handed in his resignation from the position he held and added that he did not want to create tension in the ruling coalition although he thought he had worked "correctly and legally" as regards the nominations he sent to Premier Emil Boc in connection with the secretaries of state in the ministry and the General Directorate for Intelligence and Information Protection.
"I think I have done my duty to the party exemplarily. I have never worked against the party and party discipline," said Oprea, who mentioned that it was one of his tasks to make the nominations in question.
He emphasized the fact that people working with the Ministry of Administration and the Interior must carry out the policy of the national interest, that is "the rule of law should work," and added that he was no longer supported politically by the Social Democratic Party as he did not agree to "people being imposed according to criteria different from competence."
"I wanted to run MAI (Ministry of Administration and the Interior), I do not want to carry papers from one place to another and to be a puppet minister. I was not allowed to attain my aims and as I do not want to create tension, I have resigned," concluded Oprea.
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