Transgaz: Consumption of natural gas, ensured for 2 months

The consumption of natural gas, in normal parameters, is ensured for 2 months, if the average temperature is, in this period, of minus 10 degrees Celsius, said on Wednesday (Jan 14) general manager of Transgaz Ioan Rusu.
"Function of the necessities of natural gas, consumption could be cut, but it is not necessary, for the time being. The cut of 0.8% in the exploitation of natural gas from reservoirs will be kept, but this does not affect the final consumer. A commission for safety in natural gas supply could decide on a reduction in consumption, function of the level of gas reserves, of the existing quantity of fuel oil and coal, but, for the time being, it is not the case," said Rusu.
He stressed that he had not been notified so far by the Romanian, Russian or Ukrainian authorities about the moment the natural gas coming from Russia could enter Romania. The only official notification by Gazprom came early on Tuesday, said minister of the Economy Adriean Videanu. It added the gas supply to Europe has been resumed.
Russian concern Gazprom announced, on Tuesday, the resumption of the supply of natural gas for Europe, via Ukraine, after a halt of six days, with the first countries which should have benefited from Russian gas being the Republic of Moldova, Turkey and the states in the Balkans.
Russia opened the gas tap, at the station at Sudja, Kursk region, at 10:15, Moscow time, 9:15 Bucharest time. The first flow was of 76.6 million cu m of gas.
Subsequently, Gazprom announced that Ukraine blocked all the actions of the Russian party regarding the resumption of the gas transit to Europe, which has been confirmed by the authorities in Kiev, who admitted, on Tuesday, that they were blocking the transit of Russian natural gas towards Europe, because of the unacceptable "transit conditions" imposed by Russian group Gazprom.
Romania is importing natural gas exclusively from Russia, through several companies, such as Imex Oil, Conef, Wintershall. The import is made through two points, Isaccea 2 and Mediesul Aurit, respectively. Of the total flow of gas supplied to Romania, some 70-75% was supplied through Isaccea 2 , the rest through Mediesul Aurit.
Before the gas crisis, Romania was importing from Russia some 10 million cu m of natural gas daily.
The supply of natural gas from Russia was halted on Wednesday, Jan 7, when the supply from Mediesul Aurit was stopped, after a day before Gazprom had halted the supply through Isaccea 2.
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