Crina Popescu (14) conquers Aconcagua

Romanian climber Crina Popescu, only 14 years and one month of age, succeeded to conquer Aconcagua, 6,962 meters high, the highest peak of the world, outside Asia, thus became the youngest climber who attains the peak located on the border between Argentina and Chile, taking the Polish Glacier, the most difficult route.
Crina Popescu arrived at the peak on Jan 10 joining one of the Altitude Mountain Club's crew, including Ovidiu Popescu and Daniel Teodor. It is worth mentioning that taking this difficult route, the crew attained the peak in 6 days, only after having entered the Aconcagua National Park, and the performance was achieved thanks to the very good acclimatization, previously obtained on the Ojos de Salado, the world's highest volcano, whose peak Crina had climbed two weeks before.
The second Altitude Mountain Club climbing crew made of Radu Teodorescu and Valeriu Penes attained the peak on Jan 9, 2009, only five days after having entered the Aconcagua National Park, climbing along the Horcones Valley, which is the normal route.
Crina Popescu also has climbed, since 10 years old, peaks such as the Dente del Gigante (4,014 m) and Mont Blanc (4,810 m), in the Alps, Kalapatar (5,45 m) in Nepal, Kazbek (5,047 m) in the Caucasus, Damavand (5,761) in Iran and the Ojos de Salado volcano, two weeks ago, and many of them are a first for a 14 year old girl. Crina joined the Altitude Mountain Club and her father and coach Ovidiu Popescu joins her in all the expeditions.
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