Natural gas flowing again trough Romanian Isaccea metering station

The natural gas import metering station based at Isaccea, Tulcea county (northeast of Bucharest) restarted Tuesday (Jan 20) afternoon, after supplies of Russian gas had been cut off for two weeks.
According to official information, natural gas began flowing to Bulgaria at around 3:30 p.m., with the re-opening of the valves posing no problems to the station staff.
Russian company Gazprom cut off natural gas supplies on Jan. 6 following economic disagreements between Russia and Ukraine, thus prompting the Romanian workers at Isaccea metering station to close the valves in order to prevent gas from the Romanian pipelines to flow back to Ukraine.
Russian gas should have reached Romania nearly a week ago, after Gazprom-Export on Tuesday, Jan. 13 formally notified the Romanian side that the supply of Russian gas to Ukraine had been resumed, the Romanian Economy Ministry said.
But later on Russian news agency ITAR-TASS carried a statement by Gazprom vice-president Aleksandr Medvedev who announced Ukraine had blocked all actions of the Russian side meant to resume gas transit to Europe, and such situation made the resumption of gas flow via Ukraine impossible.
Romania has imported natural gas from Russia exclusively for 30 years via several companies such as Imex Oil, Conef and Wintershall. The gas supplies reach Romania at the metering stations of Isaccea 2 and Mediesul Aurit. Some 70-75 percent of the total Russian supplies reach Romania at Isaccea 2, with the remainder being delivered via Mediesul Aurit.
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