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Vice-Premier Nica wants thousands of driving licences to be cancelled

Vice-Premier Dan Nica required the Romanian Police chiefs on Tuesday (Jan 20) to take measures against 3,500 persons who got their driving licences "under suspicious circumstances" and who caused accidents that killed dozens of people and injured more than 100.
"Their presence on the public roads, many of them being illiterate or mentally deranged, poses a danger to the innocent people", Nica told a meeting reviewing the Romanian Police's 2008 results.
He spoke of the need to coordinate the activity of the structures of the Police, Community Police and Gendarmerie in order to provide the pupils' and students' safety in the school area and to protect the elderly in their homes, in the street or at the marketplace.
"We should clearly establish who takes care of which school, who and where takes action so that we may not found ourselves in a situation when all the public order forces are focused at only one school, while others have no such protection", the vice-premier stressed.
Nica said drug trafficking in schools should be combated by enforcing firm measures against those involved in it and by a constant presence of the police in the risk-prone areas in order to discourage such acts.
"Dozens of children know when someone comes to sell drugs at a school, therefore you saying that you have no access to information to take those persons to custody is out of the question", he said.
Nica slammed the manner in which the Romanian policemen fought economic and financial crimes in 2008, when huge damages to the state were found at more than seven billion lei, which he said nearly equals the budget of the Interior Ministry.
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