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President Basescu: „We want to cooperate with the new Administration in Washington”

We want to cooperate with the incoming US Administration in order to deepen and reconfirm the solidity of the trans-Atlantic relationship and to preserve the relevance of NATO as a foundation stone for our security, President Traian Basescu said on Wednesday (Jan 21) in a speech delivered to a reception of the diplomatic corps accredited in Bucharest.
President Basescu said boosting trans-Atlantic ties remains vital, because neither Europe, nor the US can face alone the challenges and threats of the 21st century.
Basescu added that the US needs a strong and united Europe, much as Europe needs the US to be engaging and open to cooperation with its allies.
"Given last year's crises, the current international system entails increasingly more of the US involvement in solving them. There are no efficient global solutions without a role ascribed to the US partners, much as the United States cannot implement and convincingly support global solutions without partners," said Basescu.
The Romanian head of state also said that in terms of foreign policy, Romania will consistently follow in 2009 the objectives and principles it set to achieve all the way back in 2005.
"Following our accession to the EU and NATO, we can see that Romania's membership of the two bodies has provided the country with a platform to assess risky situations and also a capacity for bigger influence. We could see this when themes of major interest to Romania are debated and promoted as thus within the EU: Kosovo, Moldova, the Black See, energy security, climate change," said Basescu.

He pointed out that, besides the promotion of its national interests, Romania will continue to conjugate its efforts with those of its partners in order to contribute to the security of other regions in the world.
"What I mean here is the consolidation of NATO. And Romania would like to see the start off of a historic process at NATO's anniversary summit that would lead to the transformation of the most successful alliance in history into an organisation able to provide security to its members," said Basescu.
He indicated that Romania, as a European state neighbouring the Western Balkans and Eastern Europe has a duty to contribute to securing stability of these areas and making sure the Western Balkan states progress.
"What we mean by this is first of all a clear outlook for a European and Euro-Atlantic future as a sure way for modernisation and increased responsibility on the part of these states. As far as the European prospects are concerned, Romania has committed itself to Turkey and Romania wants to meet its commitments. The Black Sea zone will remain a priority for Romania, and so will Central Asia," said Basescu.
The head of state pointed out that Romania believes it is its duty to support, as it has done so far, the European and Euro-Atlantic route of the countries in its geographic region that has voiced an option to this end.

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