Romanian citizens’ interests are main focus of attention of foreign policy, says Basescu

President Traian Basescu said on Wednesday (Jan 21) that the interests of all Romanian citizens were the main focus of attention of the foreign policy as a fundamental landmark of the country's action.
The Head of State on Wednesday, when the diplomatic corps accredited to Bucharest was received at the Cotroceni Palace, assured the Romanians abroad, no matter whether they belong to the historical communities or whether they live temporarily in the territory of another state, that the Romanian authorities would equally protect their rights.
"The number of Romanians living abroad increased very much concurrently with the labour market in some European Union member states being opened," said Basescu.
He said that a continuous challenge the European Union had to face was and still is the need to have a coherent and efficient approach to the integration of the ethnic minorities, based on equality, nondiscrimination and respect for the fundamental human rights.
"We shall always say that the Roma ethnic group, which is the most numerous minority in the European Union, must be paid special attention," said the President.
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