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Authorities in Bucharest and Chisinau hope to resolve pending judicial issues

Romania's Minister of Foreign Affairs Cristian Diaconescu and his Moldovan counterpart Andrei Stratan said they are sure that the still pending judicial issues between the two states will find a solution soon.
"Currently, we are in the situation to be able to evaluate and galvanize the dialogue at all levels, including the bilateral judicial framework between Romania and the Republic of Moldova", stated Chief of Romanian diplomacy in a joint press conference with Andrei Stratan, in Chisinau.
According to Diaconescu, the delegations of both states, the negotiating teams, will receive the needed signal, namely to examine as careful as possible the ongoing negotiation phase, to see which are the opportunities conducive to a fast finalization of talks on all negotiated packages.
"I believe that in a goodwill spirit, in the intention to serve both states' national interest and in the spirit of cooperation, as resulted, at least, from the dialogue carried out this morning, we will find solutions to all still pending issues", the Romanian Minister also said.
The judicial framework between the two states is also viewed as an element of trust, specified Cristian Diaconescu. From this standpoint, he said, the negotiation spirit and the wish to reach a compromise are prevailing, leading to the opening of relations between the two states and not a situation in which either side would attempt to impose a solution. "From this angle we trust that in the period to come progress will be made as regards the full judicial framework in the two states' relations", he noted.
Diaconescu denied that Chisinau authorities would made the signing of the Convention on the small cross-border traffic dependent on the basic Treaty and on the cross-border Agreement. "From our talks in Chisinau I understood there is no conditionality attached to the signing of an accord on another accord", he underscored.
"Nobody is willing to see a blockage caused by making an aspect dependant on another. We have very many projects, especially of economic and geo-strategic nature, we wish to implement. We are ready to leave aside all aspects which for a certain period of time could impede our strategic development", Chief of Romanian diplomacy also said.
In his turn, Andrei Stratan reiterated Chisinau's position to discuss the signing of the Convention in the context of the signing of the two treaties. "Subjects linked to the cross-border regime and Community projects are to be examined together with the subjects pertaining to the Treaty of partnership and cooperation with Romania and the cross-border regime between the two states", he pointed out.
According to Stratan, the negotiating teams are ready to re-start talks on these subjects "very important for both states". "I can say we have enough time, although on the other hand not too much, because the issues are important and I hope solutions will be found at the same time with a common denominator, given both sides' interests linked to these documents", stated Stratan.
"There has been a period of negotiations and visits, both to Bucharest and to Chisinau, and today we can assess that practically both treaty drafts were negotiated and discussed at MAE level. I would say that very few square brackets remained in the two texts", Moldovan ForMin also said.
Romanian Foreign Minister Cristian Diaconescu is paying a working visit to Chisinau, his agenda including talks with his Moldovan counterpart Andrei Stratan and with the President of the Republic of Moldova, Vladmiri Voronin.
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