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Final form of budget draft to be adopted by Govt. on Jan. 29

The Government established Thursday (Jan 22) January 29 for the adoption of the final form of the state budget draft, of the law draft on the public social insurance system and of the package of anti-crisis policies and measures, according to a release of the Executive.
The Government established that the 2009 budget and the package of anti-crisis measures and policies, including the proposal referring to the reduction of the number of public employees at the central administration level will be discussed in advance with the employers' unions and the social partners.

2009 budget projection is to be based on an economic growth of 2.5%, an average inflation rate of 5%, a current account deficit of 10.3% and a budgetary deficit of 2% of the GDP. The computing exchange rate is of 4 lei for one euro.
Estimated GDP is of 579 billion lei. The budgetary projection is aimed at revenues of 32.1% of the GDP and an overall expenditure of 34.1% of the GDP.
Based on the initial projections of the ministries and the other authorized credit takers, the budget deficit would range between 9-12% of the GDP.
The number of unemployed is estimated to reach some 505,000 people by year-end, compared to some 403,400 at the end of 2008.

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