I shall take no negative stand if Government freezes salaries and pensions for 6 months, says President Basescu

President Traian Basescu on Tuesday (Jan 27) told a programme on the public radio station that he would take no negative stand if the Government came to an agreement with the trade unions so that salaries and pensions should be frozen for 6 months.
According to the Head of State, pride of place should be given to the use of public resources in order to make economy more dynamic.

"Although I am an unreserved supporter of increasing the teaching staff's salaries or of instituting the minimum pension, I shall take no negative stand if there is a Government-trade unions agreement for 6 months. Let us see what happens, how economy works. Let all salaries and pensions be frozen.
We shall see what happens and we shall realize if we can allocate more. If we do not push economy forward, where shall we have money for pensions, if there are no employees to contribute to the pension fund, where shall one give higher salaries to the teaching staff. We have this big problem," said Traian Basescu.
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