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IMF: We did not discuss and will not discuss an eventul accord with Romania

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) experts did not discuss with the Romanian authorities an eventual accord, pointed out on Tuesday (Jan 27) at the Romanian Ministry of Public Finance (MFP), the Chief of IMF delegation, director Jeffrey Franks.
IMF delegation, which started a visit to Romania on Tuesday for consultations with the authorities, held meetings with MFP representatives and those of Romania's National Bank (BNR) and in the days to come will be received by President Traian Basescu, as well.
"We did not discuss and will not discuss an eventual accord. This is not the visit's objective", underlined the Chief of IMF delegation.
As for President Traian Basescu statement, who said Romania should have a financing accord with the European Union and a surveillance one with the IMF, the Fund's official said he did not wish to comment till the meeting with the head of the Romanian state, scheduled in the upcoming days.
IMF delegation is to stay 2 weeks in Bucharest, in order to evaluate Romania's macro-economic situation.

According to a release of the international financial institution, the visit will facilitate an exchange of views connected to the new Government's politics. The Fund's officials are to meet Government representatives, as well as the private sector's.
IMF emphasized that the Romanian Government did not ask the Fund to provide an assistance programme and its agenda of talks includes no such item. At the same time, IMF said no pressures were put on the Govt. as for such a programme's conclusion. "The decision on a programme with IMF rests with the Govt.", said the release.
Lately, several economic analysts pointed out that Romania would need IMF financing in order to get the needed funds for crossing this period of crisis.

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