Romania reconfirms commitment to Nabucco gas pipeline project

Romania is reconfirming its commitment to the achievement of the Nabucco gas pipeline project, Romanian Economy Minister Adriean Videanu said on Tuesday (Jan 27) in Budapest at a Nabucco summit meeting.
"Romania is reconfirming its commitment to the achievement of the Nabucco project in a context in which the Russian-Ukrainian dispute showed the vulnerability of the European states as far as their energy supply and energy resource diversification are concerned," said Videanu.
Romania has an energy policy that is part of the European energy policy and has an important geostrategic position for the Nabucco project, he added.
"We have to focus on an intergovernmental agreement to make the Nabucco project come true. We have concluded agreements in principle at governmental level with Turkey, Bulgaria, Hungary and Austria that will materialise at a future meeting," said Videanu.
The Romanian minister highlighted the importance of energy sources from Egypt and Iraq in feeding gas into the Nabucco pipeline.
Attending the Nabucco summit are government officials from 12 countries involved in the project.
Romania's delegation is headed by Economy Minister Adriean Videanu and is made up of officials of Transgaz, the main natural gas distributor in Romania.
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