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Draft bill, finishing line

Vice-president of the Democratic-Liberal Party (PD-L) Gheorghe Flutur said, late on Tuesday (Jan 27), after a meeting of the Central Coordinating Political Bureau (BPCC) of the coalition, held at Victoria governmental Palace, that significant progress has been made concerning the view on the budget bill, for 2009, and that, on Wednesday, Finance minister Gheorghe Pogea will have meetings with each minister, and, in the evening, a new BPCC meeting will be held, for the finalization of the draft budget.
"We have discussed each ministry, we have discussed principles. On Wednesday, a meeting of the Finance minister with each minister will take place, a meeting with the social partners – trade unions, employers' associations, will take place next, to tell them what our view on the budget is, and in the evening, one more meeting of the coalition will be held, for drawing a line and drawing conclusions, we hope the budget will be discussed on Thursday, in a government meeting," said Flutur.

Among the issues discussed, he added, there was the prospects of absorbing the European funds, and the ministry with the biggest chances to kick off projects this year is the Ministry of the Environment.
"In the other ministries, the chance of absorbing funds is small. It may grow during the last part of this year, that is why we will have to think to direct funds to other areas, notably funds from the state budget, for investment in the infrastructure.
As regards the presence of president Traian Basescu in the meeting of BPCC, Flutur said that the main topic discussed was the budget for 2009, as well as the absorption of European funds, and the chances of Romania to draw such funds this year.
The head of state said, on Tuesday, in a broadcast at the public radio, that he will not react negatively if the Executive comes to an understanding with the trade unions, for salaries and pensions to be frozen for 6 months. According to president Basescu, the priority should be the use of public resources for rendering the economy more dynamic.

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