Romania might develop strategic partnership with Spain

Spanish Foreign Minister Miguel Angel Moratinos has displayed increased readiness to dialogue for the development of a strategic partnership between Spain and Romania, Romanian Foreign Minister Cristian Diaconescu told a recent meeting in Madrid with the local Romanian community.
"Under such partnership, Romania becomes a priority in terms of Spain's political decisions," said Diaconescu, "and that would materialise in support for the community and consular politics."

Diaconescu also said a strategic partnership with Spain would mean promoting the bilateral relationship between the two counties to the next level, much more direct horizontal cooperation between the institutions and ministries of Romania and their Spanish counterparts and coordinating their positions at a bilateral and multilateral level.
Such a partnership would lead to a more attentive and substantial cooperation in regard to Black Sea and Mediterranean Sea projects and a swift approach of some aspects that are currently not enough deepened, said Diaconescu, pointing to the convention for the recognition and homologation of study diplomas and mutual recognition of school documents between the two countries.
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