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Romania expresses stand on new telecoms regulatory framework

Romania believes it is necessary to strengthen the current institutional framework, so that the harmonisation on a European level may ensure the coordination with the technical solutions found by the committees and working groups that are part of the international bodies and organisations tasked with electronic communications, Romanian Minister of Communications and Information Society Gabriel Sandu told a Prague-held Ministerial Conference on communications sponsored by the European Union Czech president.
Sandu stressed a European dimension on the spectrum policy is required, on condition that it targeted the cross-border coordination and pan-European services, the ministry said in a press release on Wednesday. 'The enhanced Commission powers is a sensitive issue for Romania and one that continues to drive rifts in the Council and European Parliament. We trust the abilities of the Czech Presidency to find a compromise formula that everybody may accept and Romania will take a constructive stand that should allow the approval of the Telecom package in June', the communications minister said.
Romania is in favour of keeping the current institutional balance, provided it proves functioning in practice. 'The enlargement of the Commission competences on the policy relating the spectrum frequency, when we speak of pan-European or cross-border services, should take place by the involvement of the member states, the regulatory authorities or the Group of European Regulators when making the decisions', Sandu said.
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