PM Boc meets Parliament leaders

A meeting has started this afternoon of Prime Minister Emil Boc and leaders of Parliament , at the Parliament Palace in Bucharest.
The  aim  of  the  meeting  is  PM Boc  presenting the  principles  underlying the  stand-by arrangement concluded by the Romanian Government with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the European Commission, with talks expected to focus on the Budget revision performed by the Government late last week.
In the opening of the meeting, Boc said that following talks with international financial institutions since this January, Romania is now about to take out an external loan worth 20 billion euros. 'Following talks this January with the European Commission, we are now about to take out a loan from the IMF and the European Commission of nearly 20 billion euros.
Nearly 13 billion euros of the loan will go directly to the National Bank of Romania (BNR) to consolidate the country's forex reserves,' said Boc. He mentioned that the Government has received the agreement in principle of the IMF over the loan. In his turn, Senate Chairman Mircea Geoana argued that an assessment is required of the economic developments of Romania through the prism of the measures the Government has in mind to take.
'We have to assess the economic developments through the prism of the obligations pledged by the Romanian Government to the IMF and the Government emergency ordinance, including the Budget revision one, that were approved some days ago. We believe political passion should leave room for rationality, because people are expecting us to provide solutions,' said Geoana.
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