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Anti-crisis measures discussed by PM Boc with Spanish Labor Minister


The anti-crisis measures taken by the Romanian and Spanish ministers were discussed in Bucharest by PM Emil Boc and the Spanish Minister Celestino Corbacho, reads a release.

„The Spanish Government made real efforts to ensure a legal framework for the Romanian citizens who work in Spain and we appreciate that. At the same time, I assure you of the Romanian authorities’ availability to collaborate and find solutions where problems emerge,” the PM said.

When discussing the anti-crisis measures adopted by the two governments, Boc mentioned that 20 percent of the money from the state budget would be directed towards investment in order to preserve and create jobs.

The PM has also highlighted the measures taken by the Executive in support of the vulnerable social categories: a minimum pension of 300 lei, subsidizing 90 percent of the cost of medicines for the pensioners with pensions below 600 lei, expansion of the period of granting the unemployment benefits by three months this year and the payment by the state of the social securities the employers have to pay during the unemployment period, for three months.

As regards the situation of Romanians who work in Spain, Minister Celestino Corbacho informed PM Boc that there are 70,000 unemployed Romanians in his country of which 41,000 get unemployment benefits.

The Romanian PM hailed the signing of two memorandums of collaboration between the Romanian Ministry of Labor, Family and Social Protection and the Spanish Ministry of Labor and Immigration.

This is a legal framework that allows Romanians in Spain to receive information on the jobs available in their country and also allows the special inspection services in both countries to cooperate with a view to tracing situations where Romanians are attracted to work on the black market.

The Romanian and Spanish officials also talked about a possible visit to Bucharest of the Spanish PM, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, in the second half of this year.
Attending the meeting between PM Boc and Minister Celestino Corbacho was the Labor, Family and Social Protection Minister Marian Sarbu.


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