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Council of Europe supports countries committed on road of democratic reforms


The importance of the Council of Europe (CoE) consists in the support of the countries which committed themselves on the road of democratic reforms, and Romania, as a EU member state, as of 1993, benefited, in the course of time, by the expertise and the benchmarks offered by this organization, said, on Tuesday, speaker of the Chamber of Deputies Roberta Anastase, at the Parliament Palace.

She stressed, in a speech delivered in the opening of a meeting dedicated to the anniversary of 60 years since the setting up of the Council of Europe, that, from the perspective of Romania, the process of transition to a solid, modern and European democracy was translated by the adoption and internalization of the CoE principles, values and norms.

„Despite delays and syncopes, our country succeeded to remain on a democratic road. The recognition was, in 1997, the ceasing of the procedure of monitoring of Romania, following the first alternation to power in the history after the Revolution of 1989. Now, in 2009, Romania is a consolidated democracy. But the reform process has to continue, moreover, it has to be accelerated. In order to internalize the democratic norms, our country has to update its legislation, ” to render the political class responsible and to make the public policies transparent, ” Anastase stressed.

„I am convinced that Romania is a success story of the implementation and internalization of the democratic norms and principles and that it can become a vector of promotion of the democratic values in the region (…). I hope that by cooperation at the level of organizations such as the European Council we will contribute to the consolidation of the democracies in states such as Moldova, which still suffers from systemic dysfunctions, ” Anastase also said.


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