EP resolution on Moldova should be balanced and objective, argues MEP Marinescu

The resolution of the European Parliament (EP) on Moldova, to be up for a vote at a plenary session of the EP on Thursday will have to be a balanced and objective document, the same as the report of the EP ad-hoc delegation that visited Moldova April 26-29 was, Romanian MEP Marian- Jean Marinescu, the deputy chair of the Europea People’s Party – European Democrats (EPP-ED) MEP group, told on Monday evening.

At the end of a meeting of the Committee on External Affairs that discussed the report, Marinescu, who was part of the EP information and evaluation mission in Moldova, said that the message the European Parliament wants to convey to the Moldova authorities should be one that includes firmness and openness in equal parts. He argued that while the human rights violations committed by the Moldovan authorities can in no way be tolerated, the hopes for Moldova’s European integration should not be diminished.

The Romanian MEP mentioned to the point that an independent Moldovan publication that related the violent actions in Chisinau after April 5 received an official letter in which it was requested to disclose the sources used for editing the stories. Another case regarded an NGO that also received a letter in which it was asked to state what it did to reduce the effects if the rallies in downtown Chisinau.

Head of the European Parliament’s EU-Moldova cooperation delegation Marianne Mikko (PES) presented the main conclusions of the report. One the them is that the rallies on April 7 started off peacefully and degenerated into violence and various police forces, including the Police and the forces of the Moldovan Interior Ministry, were aware of the rapidity of the events, but the strategy they used was not sufficiently explained. At the same time, the arrests and detentions on the night of April 7 and afterwards stood at 310, and some of those arrested on April 7 are still in jail. Additionally, the Government of Moldova is said to have reacted in a violent and disproportionate manner to the public protests, and the beatings and unwarranted arrests of civilians by unidentified riot police officers did not seem to bring about pacification, but deliberate repressive actions. Moreover, it was noted a high level of violations of human rights, the state of law and relevant European conventions signed by Moldova.

The EP delegation, which visited Chisinau April 26-29, has concluded that human rights, the state of law and the relevant European conventions were seriously violated in the post-election interval in Moldova. Both the carrying out of the election and the ensuing actions of the Moldovan Government are said to indicate major deficiencies of Moldova’s democracy and judiciary system and also indicates a tendency toward repressing the free expression of independent media, according to the conclusions of the mission. The political state of affairs in Moldova is said to be characterized by a high level of instability, which proves the need for a stronger commitment of the EU to this country under the European Neighbourhood Policy and the Eastern Partnership Process, which will be launched soon, the mission also concluded.

Romanian MEP Adrian Severin of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) group in the Party of the European Socialists (PES) MEP group said the reports of the information and evaluation mission of the EP is a balanced one, adding that he expects the resolution on Thursday of the EP will be a difficult one. At the same time, Severin voiced support for the recommendation that the European Union consolidate its commitment to Moldova.

Cristian Busoi of the National Liberal Party (PNL) underscored the importance of the European Parliament’s reaction at the events similar to that that ensued in Moldova after the April 5 election there. ‘We want to make sure such situations will not repeat,’ said Busoi. He added that the European Union should get more involved in an overhaul of Moldova’s judiciary.

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