Gov’t takes precautions to fight swine flu


The Romanian Post Company will dispatch to each family, under rapid transmission regime, letters of notification with the symptoms of the swine flu and the precautions the citizens need to take, vice-Premier Dan Nica declared on Tuesday after the meeting of the National Emergency Committee.

Posters will be available in public places warning of the flu symptoms and the precautions and measures the citizens need to take in this case.
‘We set several preventive measures in place, the kind of precautions the citizens need to take if they find they have the flu symptoms,’ said Nica.

The vice-Premier added that the National Emergency Committee also discussed ways to keep public institutions working round the clock, should a pandemic break out.
„We do not refer only to measures applicable to key institutions such as firefighters, police, this is also about the measures to be reached in institutions like the Cernavoda nuclear power plant, heat plants, hydropower plants, the heavy water plant,’ explained Dan Nica.

He said that special measures were also reached to ensure flawless communication among responsible factors.
„Communication connections will be ensured between the state institutions that will use the governmental network, in order to provide backup for the commercial network,” said the vice-Premier.

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