Industrial production prices down 0.6 percent in March

The prices of industrial production per total (internal and external market) reported in March 2009 a diminution by 0.6 percent as against the previous month and a rise of 3.9 percent as against the same month of 2008, the National Statistics Institute (INS) reports.

According to destination, the prices of industrial production on the domestic market and foreign markets went down 0.6 percent, respectively 0.5 percent in March as against the previous month.

According to activity sectors, a rise has been noticed in the prices of water supply, cleaning, sanitation, waste management, decontamination activities by 3.5 percent and at the production and supply of electricity, heating, natural gas, warm water and air conditioning the rise was of 0.1 percent.
Price cuts were reported for products of the industry of intermediary goods (down 1.2 percent), respectively products of energy industry (down 1.4 percent).

On big industrial groups, major price rises were reported in the industry of fast moving consumer goods (up 11.8 percent), industry of capital goods (up 11.2 percent), industry of durables (up 10 percent) and industry of intermediary goods (up 6.7 percent). Below the level reported per total were products of energy industry (down 8.6 percent).

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