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Romanians living in Spain learn how to exercise their right to vote in European elections


Romanians currently working and living in Spain are going to learn about and get used to exercising their rights as European citizens, and they are going to learn how to enjoy such rights, among which the right to vote in the upcoming European elections, said Mariana Venec, a Romanian candidate on the backup lists of the Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party (PSOC), in the elections due on May 7.

‘With a view to the actual participation of the Romanians in Spain in the upcoming European elections, this is not an easy thing to tell, as Romanians are not very confident people, for they went through a lot, but this doesn’t mean they won’t come to the polling stations, for I trust they will,’ Mariana Venec also said, appreciating that Romanians in Spain are going to learn that, once they became European citizens, they won also the right to vote in the elections for the European Parliament.

In her opinion, PSOE answers best to the needs of Romanians in Spain, by offering them information related to their social life, offering them cultural support and especially, as she emphasized, ‘for the Spanish Socialist party was the one who legalized the situation of the Romanians living in their country (back in 2005), and not the right wing Popular Party -PP.’

Mariana Venec also explained he had chosen PSOE for she believes ‘in the ideology of the party, in what it tries to do and because she saw what it has done so fať. Moreover, she told that, in her capacity as the federal coordinator of the Romanian-Bulgarian group within the PSOE, she tried to make Romanians ‘see the difference between socialism in Spain and socialism in Romania and especially the difference between the communism they had lived in the past.’


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