Terry Davis congratulates Romania on 60th anniversary since setting up of Council of Europe

In 2009, after 60 years since the setting up of the Council of Europe, the role played by the European body remained unchanged, that is reminding governments of their need to act in a constant manner to defence democracy, the human rights, the rule of law state, peace and stability, general director of the Council of Europe Jean Louis Laurens said on Tuesday, at the meeting dedicated to the 6oth anniversary since the setting up of the body.

He also transmitted the message of the Secretary General of the Council of Europe Terry Davis, who congratulated the Romanian people on the setting up of the European institution Romania joined in 1993.

‘In 1949, a group of visionary people created this organization as an expression of their firm commitment to democracy, to human rights and the supremacy of the rule of law. Nevertheless, they had other urgent matters to deal with back then: the reconstruction of the economy, the supply with basic food and providing homes for the people after the devastating war. In 2009, with all the new problems waiting to be solved, with threats on the human rights and on the people’s good wealth European wide, the Council of Europe is here to remind governments in Europe of their commitment to democracy, human rights and to the supremacy of the rule of law, values which are essential for peace and stability. Democracy and the human rights are like good health: you don’t pay much attention to it until you lose it, and there is always a good idea to check up on our health,’ Terry Davis said in his message.

On the occasion of transmitting this message, Jean Louis Laurens confessed he felt at the meeting in Bucharest like he was in the middle of a family, as he has met during the years many of the Romanian MPs who have been working with the Council of Europe.


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