Basescu: IMF money transfer to BNR today


President Traian Basescu announced that on Tuesday the International Monetary Fund (IMF) transferred five billion euros to Romania’s National Bank (BNR).
„I am confident that the recent agreement Romania discussed with IMF and with the European Union will make the crediting system more flexible, and that could aid you to implement the adopted investment programmes. Today, the IMF money was transferred to the National Bank. We hope that tomorrow (Wednesday – editor’s note) the National Bank will register in its accounts more than five billion euros. Today as well, ECOFIN has approved a five billion euros loan for Romania and the first installment, some 1.5 billion euros, is expected to arrive till the beginning of July”, stated Traian Basescu, present on Tuesday in a meeting with the Foreign Investors Council members.

He added that Romania’s efforts of reducing the crisis effects are based on these agreements because they will allow the macro-economic stability, as well as the currency’s rate, without „painful adjustments” or forfeiting investments.

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